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Wet n Wild Halloween and Fall Lip Colors

Hello again readers!

Here is some more backlogged posts. I'm hoping to get into the proper swing of things, and I hope I won't feel so lethargic this semester. All of my professors seem to be wonderful, and amazing, and even though I'm already getting drowned in reading and journals and writing, it's a good feeling that I'm going to be getting some proper critique and replies to my work.

In the fall, Wet n Wild launched a matte collection, containing four lipsticks, and then six matte nail polishes. Out of the six mattes, I only picked up two of the polishes: Distressed to Impress (a taupe), and Echo Dark (navy). They weren't particularly matte, but they all have something in common: the caps of the polishes, and the bases of the matte lipsticks, were all coated with a rubberised matte plastic finish. Really, they already look ten times better (if only the issue with the caps would be resolved, and they'd be perfect)! After this, it's astounding that all of their mattes aren't packaged in this way. It feels more luxurious and looks so much better, and they were the same price as the lipsticks and polishes usually are. I personally think they should make a change.

Out of the four lipsticks, I bought all of them. Big shocker there, right?

Sweet Cream, Sunset Siren, Urban Night, and Bordeaux Boulevard.

A better look at the bases of the lipsticks. The downside is like any other packaging like this, is shows oil and dirt, but the regular plastic isn't a saint either, because it shows oil and fingerprints like nobody's business.

Sweet Cream:
A cream nude with just a hint of pink. This is one of my favourite nudes ever, because of how surprising it is. In the tube, it looks stark foundation-colored (thank you former photo for saying otherwisse, but in real life it looks very foundation like) but applied it actually turns into the perfect light nude. Not too pink, but not too skin-like either. A great medium, and I wish this one was permanent.

Sunset Siren:
A really pretty red with a touch of orange. It's bright, it's warm, and it definitely reads 'sunset'. It's not my favorite color, because this one does bring out how yellow my teeth are (something I'm working on) but it's really pretty. It's a great alternative to the classic red lip, and I think this is one of those colors that you can wear no matter what.

Urban Night:
This is one of those colors that I reach for a LOT. It's a beautiful deep, cool red. It's such an odd shade, because it's not really a true red, but it's not a berry either, kind of like wine. It's sort of in limbo between the two, and it's just one of those shades that really strikes you as beautiful.

Bordeaux Boulevard:
Is a deep violet-toned mauve. Really a striking color in the way that it's so different. It goes great if you're into the violet lip, but it's also warm enough that it doesn't come off as too strange either.

This entire collection was such a hit! I can't believe that they're only limited editions, because I just love them all dearly. What a shame. :(

It was strange, because for Halloween, they also released a shade: Urban Nights. They look identical in the tube, except for their bases. I didn't want to open the one from the Halloween collection, unless I could confirm that they were similar.

I didn't compare them myself, because I'd rather have the one with the matte packaging anyway,  but to see just how similar they are, here's a link to the comparison on gymbagmakeup. They were similar enough (barely a difference) that I just kept the one, and returned the other.

Now onto the Halloween collection:

It has been ages since I've tried one of their glosses, and after trying them again, I could see why. I picked up the shades Bloody Good, and Perishing Bare.

Perishing Bare looked pretty pigmented on my arm, but on my  lips it was a disaster. Patchy, goopy, and it settled into the lines of my lips. I was expectng a nice nude gloss, and I didn't get it here. Plus, it had surprise shimmer in it, and it was just a disappointment all around.

Bloody Good is better, in fact I ended up not returning this one, even if now I wish I did. It's not a bad red gloss. It's pigmented, a good red shade, and it doesn't go on patchy. It's still rather thick, and I'm not fond of the scent of these lipglosses. Never again.

I wanted to pick up one of the Balm Stains, because I wanted to try their take (I wasn't too keen on the Jordana ones, even though my original review I raved about them!) and see how well I'd like it. It was between 2AM  Call Time, and Lady and the Vamp, and I went with Lady and the Vamp because 2AM Call Time was opened, and I didn't want to risk it.

Lady and the Vamp ended up being a berry shade. Not too surprising, but I wouldn't really call it a 'vamp', either. It goes on... really odd. It's sheer, and it applies patchy. Even building up pigmentation, it still applies patchy. It's such an odd thing to work with, because it feels smooth, but then wearing it is kind of greasy.

And on the lips it was a disaster. It slipped, and slid, and it settled into the lines of my lips. I couldn't keep it even without putting on some concealer around it, and a lip liner. It didn't want to stay put at all!

And did it stain? If you could call it that. It left what resembled a stain, but it was very light. Barely anything. The lipsticks leave more of a stain than this product does, and it just turned me off of them completely.

I'm going to forever kick myself for not getting the limited editon 2AM Call Time Balm Stain, but the past is in the past, and this Balm Stain ruined me for all the others because of how much I hated it. Can't win them all.

And then I picked up all 6 of the limited edition lipsticks in the display.

Sunset Stripped, Clothing optional, Rose to Fame, Coming in Latte, Tangelinos, and Urban Nights.

Sunset Stripped:
This was the biggest disappointment. In the tube, I thought it would go on like a liquid gold. The King Midas touch, really. Swatched, it doesn't live up to the expectation at all. Instead of a gold shimmer in a gold base, it's just packed with gold shimmer, in a clear base. Since it relies so heavily on  the shimmer, it's gritty, and doesn't apply evenly at all. It needs multiple swipes, and even then it just doesn't look good. I couldn't even use it as a topper, because if I were to swatch it over another lipstick, the grit of this one would wipe away whatever lipstick I laid down first. I thought there was potential, and I was terribly wrong.

Clothing Optional:
Another fabulous nude. It's nothing like Sweet Cream, it's just... wow. It's lighter, for one, and then to top it off it almost looks scary. Since the lipstick has a peach tone in it, it ends up working surprisingly well, and doesn't look like concealer lips gone awry. It's really creamy, and though these are marketed as 'matte' lipsticks, this has a creamy shine to it.

Rose to Fame:
Probably my favorite from the limited editions, a dark rose pink. I am always drawn to rose pinks, even though my collection is severely lacking. I find they always look good on me, and they just go on with ease. This lipstick did not disappoint, and it was such a great pick to put in their Halloween collection, just in time for fall and winter.

Coming in Latte:
A mid-tone brown. Really a shade I wouldn't have usually picked up, but you know, grunge is coming back apparently, and having at least one brown-tone in the collection is a good thing, right? It goes on really creamy, and I surprisingly don't hate it. I wouldn't find myself using it all the time, but on occasion I've found myself drifting towards it.

An outrageous shade. Orange, almost straight orange, if it wasn't for that bit of red. I can't really pull of orange (though I wish I could) so I ended up passing this on to Emma, but it's a firecracker. It catches attention, and goes on soooo smooth.

A day late, a buck short, but I put it up. :) I need to get my game up and start pre-writing out reviews and posts so I don't manage to fall behind. I know my 'to-swatch' drawer for nail polish is getting to the point of overflowing, and they don't sit pretty anymore, and I was almost caught up!

Thanks for reading!

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