Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fyrinnae Cosmetics Haul

Hello again readers!

I placed a couple of Indie Cosmetic orders forever ago, but I really wanted to get a feel for them before writing up reviews for them. To start us off, I'm going with the package that arrived first. 

Fyrinnae shipped really fast! I placed my order, and it got to my door in a couple of weeks! They sometimes have the site down, and there are times when they're back-logged with orders, but I think it's worth it. 

There are options to buy the full sized products, or get sample sizes. The pricing is very fair, and you get very good quality for drugstore prices. 

There are so many different options, but I picked a couple that I've had on my wishlist for a while, to get a feel for the products.

The products arrived in a bubble mailer, with a cardboard sleeve inside. It was insulated enough that I wasn't stressed about anything being damaged. Not the most glamorous exterior packaging, but it was all wrapped in this beautiful iridescent plastic wrapping paper that was just really surprising to see. It doesn't add glam, but it's pretty on the eyes before you get to the goodies inside.

I only ordered three things: Mephisto (eyeshadow), Bewitching and Royalty (Blush), and I got another eyeshadow sample for free: Midnight Dreary.

The samples give you so much product in them (the blushes may not be the ideal sizes that you'd want, but the eyeshadows are plenty to wear quite often!). They all come into the same plastic jars, without sifters. If you're not comfortable with loose pigmented products, it is not the product for you to start with, because the lack of sifter can get really messy.

Bewitching is a beautiful muted mauve shade. I couldn't resist adding it to my cart. It goes on so smooth, but it's not the most pigmented blush out there. It goes on, and blends out very easily, and the color is something I can get a hold on very quickly. I  haven't given it nearly enough love, but I do love it when I do decide to reach for it. Out of the two blushes that I bought, I could see myself buying a full-size of this. It's just a no-fuss blusher. It does however look a bit like bruising, so keep that in mind if you are very pale like myself.

I wanted to try some violet blushers, so I chose Royalty to extend my boundaries. Royalty holds up to its name, on being a matte royal violet. It looks... different on my skin. I'm really pale, so it looks more like bruising than anything else. If I'm going for corpse-chic, I can rock it, if I'm going for an everyday look, I don't reach for it. It takes a lot of blending to get the color to look okay, because this color can tend to look really blotchy. It's best to build up pigmentation than to go on thick, because if you put too much on at once, then it's really hard to buff it out.

Midnight Dreary is a bright blue with gold sparkle. This is the only one that I was sort of disappointed in. I know it was a free sample, but t hat doesn't mean I have to love it. In the jar, it looks very intense, with the right amount of gold glitter to make the color pop. In the swatch, it appears more or less, washed out. The shimmer in the product brightens it up considerably, and though it's eye-catching, it's just not something I will find myself reaching for. 

The pigmentation is also a little weaker, even though I put it over glitter glue. I could see the Pixie Epoxy helping it look better, but it's just too much work for me to appreciate it.

Mephisto is the eyeshadow that I just couldn't wait to receive. It's... It's perfection in a jar, but it DOES need some heavy duty primer to really bring out it's potential. It's hard to explain, it's dark blue, with a burgundy sheen to it in the jar, but on the skin it's that, and more. It also glows like flame, with a coppery tone to it. It's absolutely beautiful, and definitely the most unique pigment I have in my collection. 

I'm already waiting to place my next order to this brand, because there are so many products in my wishlist that I want to try. It's wallet-friendly, so I don't feel bad getting the chance to try a variety of colors and finishes and a little goes a long way.

Thanks for reading!

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