Friday, September 11, 2015

Milani Romantic Rose Powder Blush

Hello again readers!

I couldn't resist picking up one of the Milani Rose blushes, they just look so beautiful, and I was weak! Unfortunately, I don't think I'd look very good with the other shades that have been made readily available, so I'll just be sticking to this one.

The powder itself is molded to look like a rose. Something so delicate (being made of powder) that would look gorgeous even if you just let it lay out on your vanity. It's really pretty, and even when I rub my finger over it, it doesn't mess with the design. At least, not until I use up a LOT more powder. The design doesn't effect how much powder I pick up with my brush, I thought there would be some 'skipping', but fortunately that did not happen.

Romantic Rose is a beautiful dusty rose pink, that looks really natural on my face. It's enough to add a little color, but not enough to look fake. I'm really pleased with the performance, and it lasts through  most of the day. If I'm really oily, it'll wear down after about 8 hours, but that would still get me through say a day of work, so I'm okay with that. It's what I expect out of blushes.

The powder has this odd smell though, like basic makeup powder (the kind of cheap powder you'd buy for children to mess with) or crayons... It's not very pleasant. Every time I open it I can smell it, and it's just sort of disappointing. I would want a scentless powder, or maybe even one that would smell like roses, although that is an allergy issue and I wouldn't want some people to break out just because I don't like the crayon smell.

The Rose blushes retail from $6-8, and if you can get it for $6 or on sale, I definitely think they're worth it. I have $3 blushes that apply just like this, but with more pigment and without that gross smell. I'm glad this is the only shade I wanted, because I don't think I'd buy another even if they had say a mauve or a more neutral blush.

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