Monday, September 14, 2015

Sonia Kashuk Eye Couture Eye Palette - Eye On Neutral 02

Hello again readers!

I've had this palette for what seems like ever, and it's only getting some use as of now. There are a couple shades that I just lust over, and a couple that are just... meh. Really it's a nice palette, but some of the shades I wish were just changed since it's like a whole sea of similar shades aha. Honestly, they're all different, there are no two shadows alike.

In the Eye Couture palette, there are 12 different shades in square pans. All matte. There is a Shimmer version of this palette, with the same price tag. I skipped on that one, because I knew I would never get good use out of a palette full of shimmers.

The biggest gripe I have on this palette, is that there are five browns. Granted, they are all different shades and tones, but there are still five browns. I wish there was another taupe, or even a couple of different greys, hell, a MATTE WHITE instead. We can't have everything, but five browns is excessive...

This palette is $20 at Target, and I suggest picking it up, if you're looking for some new matte shadows. If you already have a large amount of neutral mattes, this is something you don't need in your life and you can pass up.

Thanks for reading!

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