Monday, September 7, 2015

Wet n Wild The Naked Truth Palette

Hello again readers!

Pretty much behind the times on certain products. Either I've seen them so much they become invisible, or I just... haven't gotten around to buying them with all of the new products coming out. But the good news is that I have them now, and that's what matters.

The Naked Truth is a palette from Wet n Wild that is a neutral-lovers dream. A good assortment of five neutral shadows for a variety of looks.

Pearl shimmer, with a hint of taupe. Has some glitter in it. Illuminates the area, but doesn't have a load of pigmentation.

Warm cream matte. Pretty basic, but nice.

A warm, medium brown matte. I love these sorts of shades, and I'm happy to have one in this palette.

Taupe shimmer. I will always love taupe shades, and this is no exception.

Warm brown shimmer with glitter. Really nice pigmentation and color, but I wish it didn't have the glitter included. 

This palette is easy to work with, blends well, and I like the colors. Are they the most unique? Of course not! But they're colors you're going to have eventually, especially if you have a larger collection.

This is a great palette if you want something easy, or if you're just starting out and you feel you don't have enough neutral shadows.

Thanks for reading!

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