Friday, September 18, 2015

NYC Smooth Skin Setting Powder

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This is another product that I kept passing up as I would go into the drugstore, because it's been talked about so many times before, and I just never felt like picking it up myself. Then it had a bit of a sale attached, and I couldn't talk myself out of it then.

The NYC Smooth Skin Translucent Setting Powder is a translucent powder in a sifter jar. The packaging is admittedly terrible, and it's something that I would NEVER want to take with me traveling. The packaging is a plastic, with the lid being a thinner black plastic, that I feel would be easily breakable.

The lid is a simple pull-off lid, not a twist-off, which would be awful to take with you. It's incredibly easy for the lid to just pop or fall off. Even with taping it shut, the damage INSIDE the container would be terrible.

The sifter lets so much product through that even with a couple of shakes, it goes everywhere. I had to throw away the sponge. Which, I now regret because that was the last piece to hold back the flow of powder into the top of the sifter.

The powder itself it okay. It leaves a bit of a white cast, which if you have a dark skin tone, then you will be disappointed. It sets my foundation if I use a lot of it, and I found myself dipping into the mountain of powder at the top of the sifter and then tapping it in and buffing it in. At first, it feels like powder and not so much like set makeup. It ends up absorbing into the oils of your face over time and looking more natural, but in no way is it an oil-control powder.

I can see why so many people like this powder, it's pretty descent, but it's not something I would feel a loss after it's gone. I'm still in love with my ELF setting powder. For $3 it's not bad, and if you're on a budget it's ideal. I'd rather spend the additional few dollars for a product that I prefer.

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