Monday, September 28, 2015

Regrets #2: Face

Hello again readers!

Another round of regrets for you today. It's always a bummer when things don't work out, isn't it?

Wet n Wild Fergie BB Cream - Light:
During my brief interactions with BB Creams, I thought to give it a try. A cheap, drugstore choice from one of my favorite drugstore brands? Why not? The product comes out with a very liquid consistency, that smells like... maple syrup. Strange, right? It's a little dark for me, but since majority of drugstore BB creams are nothing more than tinted moisturizers, it blends out into only slightly darker, but it's easy to cover up if I blend down my neck and set it right.

Of course, that's all it's good for. It doesn't blend well, it doesn't set, it doesn't dry down, and since I have oily skin, it's a mess. It remains tacky, and no matter how much I put on powder it doesn't change, just makes my skin look oily and cakey at the same time.

On top of that, it just doesn't last. Perhaps it's because, as I've said, I have oily skin.  Perhaps it's because this product is just an unfortunate disaster. Regardless, within a couple of hours, the product is completely gone off the high points of my face; cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin. It breaks up SO easily. What a terrible product.

Wet n Wild Fergie Concealer - Light:
This had an almost opposite effect. The product is thick - just like the Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer. I tried on my face, but even with a damp beauty sponge, it doesn't really blend out very well, at least if I just used it on spots. I've read that this is ideal for under the eyes, so I tried that too. I felt it was far too thick. It lasts a while, that's for certain, but it looks terrible on me no matter where I place it. What a shame.

ELF Concealer - Fair
I wanted to have high hopes for this concealer too. It's my shade, it matches, and it's a lightweight concealer. First off, it has a fruity smell that many of the essential products have - a gross, fake sweet fruit plastic scent. Not ideal. On top of that, the scent doesn't just go away, it sticks around for far too long, making me feel nauseous. Also, it doesn't cover much. It looks like it will, but once I go to blend it, it just blends away with minimal effort, it's too thin. It's better if I didn't bother at all, instead of using this product.

ELF Studio Blush - Pink:
I was never super into bright pink blushers, it makes me look too much like a doll and that's just not something I really want to look like at all. Of course, these blushes are great because they are easy to build up, which is ideal in most blushes. Although this one has almost NO payoff at all. I thought it was strange, the first time I used it with how light it was, and didn't think anything of it. Then I noticed that after not using it for a bit, it just didn't give any pigment payoff. It was disappointing.  None of my other ELF blushes do this, only this one, so I'm wondering if it was just a bad batch, or if this particular one just... sucked. I won't be buying this color again, so I guess I'll never know for sure.

Physicians Formula Healthy Wear Bronzer- Light:
Last product in this category, this bronzer! I bought it at Big Lots for about 3 dollars, and was really excited about it. I LOVE the Physicians Formula Healthy Wear Foundation, and thought this would be just as good. This bronzer had SPF 50, and was soft and pigmented. Downside? It was almost straight up orange. Not an attractive look. I wanted it to work, I've tried it under another contour powder, under blush, as an eyeshadow crease color. It just didn't work out for me, so I had to let it go.

Thanks for reading!

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