Sunday, April 29, 2012

Aziza Oil-Free Liquid Foundation - Positive Review

Hello again readers~

Last of the liquid foundation reviews, of the foundations that I own!

This is Aziza Oil-Free Liquid Foundation in Buff Beige.

 I actually got a bunch of these from the Dollar Store in Branson.


Rubbed in:

  • You can find these cheap! (I got mine for a dollar!)
  • It matches my alabaster skin tone
  • The coverage is medium to high
  • It's oil free
  • Not waterproof
  • If not sealed, it won't hold up
  • If not properly removed can cause breakouts, because it will block pores
Overall: 3/5
I really like this foundation, even though all it does for me is match my skin tone. It doesn't help improve the balance of your skin,  or any of that, though since it's oil-free it doesn't add to that either. It's cheap, and matches my skin.  Great for Alabaster skin tones.

Thanks for reading~

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