Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Foundation Review

Hello again readers~

Today I bring you a review of Rimmel London's Stay Matte Liquid Foundation in 101  Porcelain.

The foundation is fairly cheap, at about 5-7 dollars a pop. I bought this particular foundation on clearance in Ulta for two dollars, because the foundation I had before this was too dark, and I thought this would suit my skin tone more since I'm so pale.

The foundation itself is produced to help keep oily skin types in check, and helps with your skin's condition, especially around the t-zone. It keeps your face nice and matte all day, though it is not water resistant.

This was my hand before any product was applied.

Just a little drop. The foundation is runny, so it instantly smooths itself out. It's good for applying, but does slip a bit during the day if rubbed.

Rubbed into the skin. Can you see how different it is? I liked to joke that it is what my skin would look like if I went outside!

I was really shocked at how large a difference that it was, since generally porcelain means pale, and it's so dark. Another thing I didn't like, the undertone was orange! It would look much better on someone who self-tans or goes outside often, as it adds a healthy glow (even to the palest of complexions!)

  • Inexpensive
  • Can be bought at any drug store that sells Rimmel London products (though I believe it has been discontinued)
  • Applies smoothly, evenly, and easily.
  • Small tube, is perfect for your makeup bag or taking it with you
  • Keeps your skin matte all day. :)
  • Too dark! It doesn't suit my skin tone at all, and it was the lightest shade! So if you are super pale, this is not for you.
  • If it rains, you're around water, or you cry, it does run some, and it won't look even anymore.
  • Since I believe it's discontinued, the only way to purchase it would be to find a seller online, or find a gem on clearance.
Overall: 4/5
I would give this a 5, if this was in my skin tone! I think it would go great for those who suit it, especially if they have an oily t-zone like I do. 

Though it has been discontinued, I believe a good alternative would be the Clean Finish Foundation, though when I get around to review it I will let you know for sure if it works or not! :) Look out for that review next month!

Thanks for reading~

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