Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Singles Swatches

Hello again readers~

I took some swatches of two of the Wet n Wild single eye shadows that I picked up on sale a bit ago, and I wanted to tell you what I thought. :)


Stagedive is a blue eye shadow with glitter. Contrary to the photos, it's a deeper blue though the glitter is apparent.

I didn't like this eye shadow as much as I thought I would. When it's applied dry, it's just really disappointing, and just a ghost of the pigment. Even when applied wet, you have to apply two layers of it to get a good payoff, and the fallout of the powder is a problem, since glitter sticks around you for a long while.


Envy is a military green with a gold shimmer. The bottom swatch is true to color.

As for this one, I was really pleased with it. I didn't have any green eye shadows like this is my collection, and I opted to fix it since they were on sale. Applied dry, it's decent, but applied wet... well I was blown away! It's just gorgeous, and amazingly pigmented! Out of the two, this one definitely soared.

Thanks for reading~

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