Wednesday, April 25, 2012

E.L.F. Tinted Moisturizer in Porcelain Review

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Here is a review on E.L.F.'s Tinted Moisturizer in Porcelain

The tinted moisturizer is really cheap, only three dollars for 25 mL.

This is what the product looked like just dabbed onto the back of my hand. 

And this is what it looks like rubbed into my skin. There really isn't that big of a difference.

The product gives a light to medium coverage, and smells heavily like sun screen. It doesn't really moisturize much either, and leaves skin looking slightly oily if not set with a powder over it.

Has SPF 20 to help protect against sun
- If you have good skin, then this is better than a heavy foundation.
- Inexpensive
- Easy to get - Any drug store that sells E.L.F. products

Not waterproof, though holds up okay when sweating
- The smell of sunscreen is REALLY strong. It's like you took a dab of sunscreen, and put a dot of foundation in it. It's no different from that. It can be overwhelming.
- If I didn't blend this is properly, it was really noticeable the difference between my face and my neck.
- Coverage is light to medium, so if you have a lot of spots you want covered (even partially) this isn't for you.

Overall: 3/5
This product does work, but the cons just don't do it for me. I don't like the smell of it, and it lingers. It doesn't go away after a couple hours, it stays all day. I also don't like the coverage. For protecting against sun it helps, but for covering up zits or spots it lacks. I would recommend this if you have a good complexion and you like to protect yourself against the sun.

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