Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo - Electric Blue and Barely Branded

Hello again readers~

I buckled down and swiped these two little beauties to use as bases. Who knew how much I was truly missing out?

Electric Blue is a blackened blue. I have a few powder eyeshadows like this, but this is my first cream shadow in this color.

Barely Branded is a shimmery nude shade. 

None of them are really 'metallic', but they are shimmery. I like that better. 

Barely Branded was a very wonderful surprise, as it was light enough not to be distracting, and brightened up my eyelids. 

Electric Blue was a little difficult to get even, and needed about three applications to get even. It's a hassle, but I really like the final outcome. 

Thanks for reading~

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