Sunday, June 30, 2013

Milani Infinite Liquid Liner - Everlast

Hello again readers~

This is a good year for Holy Grail products! It's really refreshing to find products that work so well for me, and suit my needs. 

My newest Holy Grail eyeliner?

Milani Infinite Liquid Liner

The packaging was a little hard to photograph, but I like it. The cap makes it easy to hold onto, though it does keep fingerprints... The rest of the tube reflects the color inside, and since I'm crazy about black liner, I of course bought Everlast.

The line comes in 8 different shades, six of them metallic. The liner costs anywhere from 5-8 dollars. I got mine for $6.

The applicator is a brush, not a felt tip. In ways, this makes it easier to apply, and in others it's a bit of a hassle. If you push down too hard, the brush fans out and makes the line thicker than you might want it. I personally don't mind, since I like thicker eyeliner and it's easy enough for me to handle that I can manage thin lines as well.

The liner is a carbon black, that's a little bit... I don't want to use the word 'shiny', but it does catch light. It's not completely matte, but it's close enough that it's not noticeable unless you're looking very close.

A couple things to mention about this product:

It takes a bit to set. It's a liquid liner, that isn't runny, but it needs a bit to dry completely. If you do a thin line, about thirty seconds. If you use a lot of product, it can take over a minute. It's not for quick application, but if you sit it out, you won't be disappointed.

This product lasts ALL day. I don't have smudging, and it does NOT come off until I take it off at the end of the day, and even then, it takes a good makeup remover to remove it.

- Lasts all day
- Deep carbon black
-Good price
-Don't need a lot of product to get the look I want
-Easy to apply

- Takes a bit to set
- Takes patience to remove at the end of the day
-Sometimes I get it on my lashes so I have to carefully remove it

Overall: 5/5
This is by far my favourite liner to wear, and it never disappoints me. It's everything I wanted in an eyeliner, and hopefully this is only the beginning in wonderful eyeliners.

Thanks for reading~

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