Friday, June 28, 2013

Rimmel London - Apocalips - Luna, Celestial, Galaxy, Aurora, Nova, Apocalyptic, and Big Bang

Hello again readers~

I'm incredibly late with this entry, but  better late than never right? 

Rimmel London's Apocalips have been talked about for quite a while now, and in the past few weeks finally hit the shelves in the US! I was very excited since I saw the release in the UK and I was constantly looking out for when they'd finally arrive. The plus, is that it gave me a lot of time to pick the ones I liked... The con, is that it gave me a lot of time to pick out the ones I liked!

There are so many different colours to choose from that will suit anyone really, and they're very affordable! ($5 each!)

One thing is, when it reached the US, the name was changed to 'Show Off' instead of 'Apocalips'. I'm not sure why, and I don't ever refer to them as 'Show Off' lippies either...

One of the best features of the product (besides performance) is the packaging. I definitely dig the crystal look of the cap, and the packaging shows off the true colour of the lipstick. You know immediately if it has ever been opened, because you'll see it very clear, and once you pull the applicator out, you see the product gather, which is a very nice thing, since the caps open very easily.

They apply very well, and are all extremely pigmented, the only one I've had a problem with is Galaxy, which requires two swatches instead of one!

The product doesn't feel sticky, more like it's slick which I'm glad for. I hate sticky products! Another thing to point out, is they have a definite scent to them... I'm not sure exactly what, but it's there and it's noticeable. I don't mind it, but if you don't like scents that linger, these might not be for you.

Big Bang: A perfect 'pin-up' red lipstick.

Apocalyptic: A bright fuschia-pink colour. Definitely better on the lips and not as intimidating as it looks in the swatch.

Aurora: A very warm coral-pink. I'm a sucker for coral anything since it goes so well with my skin tone, and this colour didn't disappoint!

Luna: A warm, peachy-orange shade that's a lot better than I expected.

Celestial: A dusty rose.

Nova: A cutesy looking bubblegum pink shade.

Galaxy: A light plum colour, and the only one I own with shimmer in it.

All of them act as a stain too, remaining on your lips after you wipe them off. These just keep getting better and better!

After the first hour or so, the glossy effect fades away (or you can blot it away instantly with a tissue if you preffer), and leaves a dewy/matte finish to your lips that lasts for a couple more hours if you're careful. 

A few things to mention, they are NOT perfect! They have their flaws too. They transfer onto anything, clothes, skin, etc; so kissing would definitely not be good while wearing these. If you eat or drink anything, they fade even faster, and sometimes they transfer onto your teeth!

-Inexpensive at $5 a pop
-Lasts a good amount of time
-They have so many colours that are absolutely gorgeous
-Pigmentation is amazing
- Has a somewhat pleasant scent
-Leaves behind a nice stain

- Be careful when applying, or you'll get unsightly stains

Overall: 5/5
I absolutely adore these! These are my current holy grail lipsticks! They apply like a dream, suit me well, and I have so many choices! Let's see how long they can keep their throne. If you  have some extra cash, or have been lusting after these like I have, treat yourself to one (or all of them, no judging!) because these might be a favourite of yours too. :)

Thanks for reading~

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