Friday, June 28, 2013

Sinful Colors - Quick Dry

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Just a quick little review for all of you~

Sinful Colors Quick Dry

I picked up this bottle of Quick Dry polish. quite a while ago, and unfortunately never got around to really reviewing it. No time like the present!

The quick dry polish isn't really a drop-form product, which is disappointing. It's a brush applicator, which if you brush it onto newly applied polish will cause brush-strokes, pick-up of polish, and general disaster. The first time I ever used it I wanted to pull my hair out (of course I didn't, because I didn't want polish and product getting gooped up in my hair!).

The best way I found to use it, is to really  make drops fall onto the nail, and let it run down. Otherwise your nail polish might have less-than-satisfactory results.

The other thing, is that it's a very oily product, and you shouldn't be touching other things while applying this (like keyboards...) because it transfers everywhere. You don't even notice until you see the residue.

I did notice a significant change in the drying time, though that was the top layer which was within a minute or to.

-Inexpensive: $3.99
-Cuts down drying time A LOT

-Brush applicator that's problematic
-You use more than you think
-It's an oily product

Overall: 4/5
I could live without it but it makes my routine go by a lot faster. It's effective, cheap, and I've used this quiet a bit and it barely has a dent in it. If you like fast-drying products, maybe give this a try. You might like it.

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