Monday, July 27, 2015

BECCA Radiant Skin Satin Finish Foundation

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So I found this product listed on Amazon (Shell is no longer available, but there are other shades still available for rather inexpensive prices!) and I couldn't resist. I've been intrigued by BECCA as a brand, and after swatching the products in store I've been really excited to give their products a try. Having a chance to get it for a great price, was icing on the cake, as it retails for $42 on the BECCA site.

The foundation comes in a plastic tube with a silver plastic cap. The tube has a see-through window, where you can see the color of the foundation. I was really pleased with how it looked already, because I played a guessing game, and I just went for the neutral foundation choice instead of any of the others. I bought mine in Shell.

The foundation is a light to medium coverage foundation, with a yellow-tone to it. It pulls more yellow than neutral, something that I don't mind and tend to prefer with my foundations. This can be an issue to those who are expecting a true neutral, and find this to be too yellow.

I've applied it with a brush, with a sponge, and with my fingers, and I prefer it with my fingers since the formula is rather light. Otherwise, I apply it with a brush and use the sponge to buff out any brush strokes or uneven patches on my face.

I thought at first this foundation would work best for dry skin, but that wasn't the case, as I had some dry spots (from acne scabs) on my face that this product clung to for dear life. If I had dry skin, I could definitely see this product emphasize the issues, and draw more attention to them than I'd like. So if you have dry skin, make sure you exfoliate or skip it.

After I apply it, I wait a few minutes and then set it with a translucent powder, or a beauty powder. It takes a bit of the shine away (more like a healthy glow) and I have the comfort knowing that it's set on my oily skin. First impression of this product was that it looked very natural and healthy, something I'm starting to enjoy more and more in makeup.

I was impressed with the wear though the day, because after about seven hours, it looked a little extra oily, but it didn't feel extra oily. It made me a little uncomfortable to see my face so shiny, but it was also a product I wasn't expecting to keep me looking matte or semi-matte.

After another few hours, I could see the oil breaking through. The foundation on my nose was mostly gone, a bit of it was gone off my chin and forehead, but it held up pretty okay. For a luminous foundation? I was really impressed! It's not something I'm going to be wearing much in the summer, but for those dry winter days when my skin starts looking lackluster and matte foundations make me look sunken and corpse-like.

This is best I feel for combination skin types, but you can make it work for any of them if there is exfoliating going on for dry skin types, and powder for oily.

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