Wednesday, July 15, 2015

BITE Mix n Mingle Mini: Fig, Date, Gavi, Glace

Hello again readers!

I splurged over the winter months, on these Bite Mix n Mini's. I started with one... and then I bought two with a gift card. I was weak! I know I hated the glosses, but these just seemed to do me a world of good.

The packaging for both of these products are similar; they both have the slate grey rubberized plastic finish. It makes them look really sleek, sophisticated, and simple. They both also have a nice fruity scent. For the glosses, I didn't think it worked out, maybe it was just the gloss formula, but I wasn't a fan. In these, I find it to be light and refreshing. 

The second products I picked up were the Matte Creme Lip Crayons. I wanted to try Gavi, and Glace, and was pleased to get both, although I missed out on the Mini-Size of Aubergine. Bummer!
The mini-sized Lip Crayons, were a lot bigger than anticipated. They were .031 oz each, with the full-size Lip Crayons are .05 oz each. Wait, what? Yeah, you read those right, each of the "mini" Lip Crayons, are MORE than half of the product in full-size, for half of the price! Talk about a fantastic deal!

The best part is that these twist up! It's commonplace for lipsticks, but with crayon products, sometimes they require a sharpener. I'm really pleased that these do not, because it would have thrown off their aesthetic. 

Dusty Mauve

Peach nude.

I found the formula to be pretty surprising. It's matte, that's for certain, but it's a comfortable matte, almost hydrating, but not quite there. It wears very comfortably on the lips, and even without a balm underneath I don't have an urge to remove it quickly.

I find that it does last for quite a while, with the biggest wear happening in the center of my lips (where most lip wear happens), that is easy enough to fix.

A little issue I had with these, is that if I forgot to exfoliate, or if I was wearing too much, the product would sort of ball up and look really unappealing. It's an easy fix, but something to be cautious about.

Glace is only available in the full-size ($24), while Gavi is only available in the mini-size ($12), on the Sephora website.

I was going to put this first, but decided instead to wait for the end. This is one of the Luminous Creme Lipstick duos in Date/Fig. I was really intrigued with the Luminous Creme Lipsticks, and this was a great way to try them out, without committing to the $24 price tag.

The product is housed in the same stick, with one side being Date, and the other Fig. Each side has it's own cap. Something that I noticed, that I think won't be an issue unless you're constantly taking off and putting the cap back on again, is that the rubberized finish could get scratched off. I've only noticed little spots on my own lipstick, but it's something to be wary of is that it's a coating, not exactly the packaging itself.

Nude Rose

Beige Nude

The formula was really phenomenal. It's smooth, creamy, and even with extended wear it has a sheen to it making lips look hydrated. It was a very comfortable lipstick, like wearing a tinted balm on my lips, and wasn't drying at all! The downside is that they are so creamy they transfer, move, and don't last me longer than a few hours (four at the most, if I don't talk much, eat anything, or drink anything, and where's the fun in that?). Is it worth it? I think so.

Each of the halves, include .05 oz of product (making it .10 oz total), while the full-size has .15 oz. In that regard, once again you get over half of the amount in the mini, however; the better deal for this is going with the full-size, if you prefer just Fig. If you like both, it's better to get the mini. If you like only half, the full-size is a better deal.

Fig is available in the full-size ($24), while Date is only included in the duo, still available for ($12) on Sephora's website.


All I can say, is I hope they do this again for the Holiday 2015 season! These were fantastic, and although some are still available here and there, they're SO worth the money!

Thanks for reading!

*Photos edited to show color as accurate as possible. Taken in artificial lighting.

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