Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Notoriously Morbid Cosmetics

Hello again readers!

I've been really excited about this post, because I placed and order and finally got to try out Notoriously Morbid Cosmetics!! I've been really going out and trying a bunch of different brands to really buff up my collection, and fulfilling my duo-chrome addiction, so Notoriously Morbid was on my wishlist.

I picked up a blush sample, and the Beauty Blogger Package for eyeshadow. I was really surprised, because there was an added eyeshadow, from their "The Price of Magic" collection, and I was even more excited to try it out, because the shadow was the one I wanted most from the collection. 

The blush I picked out was Necromancy*, because I desperately wanted to try it for contour. It isn't a matte, it has a sheen, and a bit of glitter in it, but dang, it ended up being a really pretty contour powder nonetheless. I can't get enough of grey/taupe shades to contour with, it has changed the entire way I do my makeup. I love this blush, and definitely see myself picking up a full size in the future.

And then there were samples, six of them, to be precise. Love Reigns, Glorious Honor*, Walkin' on Sunshine*, There is No Honor, Autumn Flower*, and The Grand Empress.

I swatched all of them like I usually do, by running a wet wipe over my arm, but even with the damp skin, I didn't feel that these particular shades really shined, so I dotted Pixi Epoxy onto my arm, and swatched them over that too.

Love Reigns:
Salmon pink duo-chrome with a blue shift.

Glorious Honor:
Light violet duo-chrome with a green shift. Also includes pink and violet shimmer.

Walkin' on Sunshine:
Based on Charlie from Supernatural. A violet duo-chrome with an aqua shift.

There is No Honor:
On the site it says this is supposed to be a grey, but this looks more like a blue with a green duo-chrome shift.

Autumn Flower:
Dusty plum shimmer with a blue and green shift.

The Grand Empress:
A dark blue with a red duo-chrome overlaid. It resembles a lot like London Bridge from Darling Girl Cosmetics. This shade DOES leave a stain behind, so if you're not fond of working to remove stains from your eyelids, I'd avoid this one.

Now this is another shade that I could not for the life of me find on their website. I did find it featured on other blogs, and apparently this was inspired by Castiel from Supernatural. Not really the sort of color I'd pick for him, but the shift resembles him more, being a very cool toned color shift.

Tawny brown with a blue/teal sheen. 

This was the other full-size shadow in the package. It was from The Price of Magic collection, which upon further researching, was a limited edition collection. (The May 2015 Vanishing Cabinet). I'm a little devastated, because while this is the shade I loved the most out of the collection, it's unfortunate that I can't experiment with any of the other shades, how sad. :( I'm happy to have this though, and I almost jumped for joy (I did a dance instead!) When I looked at the name on the back: You Want Darkness?

You Want Darkness?:
Taupe-y plum shimmer, with blue and red sparkles.

This was inspired by Maleficent, and holy cow was I really happy about it! Generally, she is associated with green, black, and violet. Having a color that's so out the norm, was really refreshing. I haven't seen more than five episodes of Once Upon a Time, but this was a really beautiful shade.

So, what did I think about the brand? I think that Notoriously Morbid is a brand that brings something unique to the table of Indie cosmetics, and should definitely not be overlooked. The duo-chromes they offer are to die for, and great quality. The site is easy enough to navigate, and the processing/shipping turnover was really quick too. I'm really pleased with my order, and what I received, and I know for sure that I'll be placing another order with them in the future.

Thanks for reading!

*All shades with asterisks indicate that I will be repurchasing full sizes in the future.

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