Monday, July 20, 2015

MAC Matte Royal

Hello again readers!

When MAC launched their new Matte lipsticks, I went over the moon! I love matte lipsticks for their long wear time, and for MAC to be offering new shades to the table, I couldn't resist caving. Not only is this my first MAC Matte finish lipstick, this was my first MAC lipstick entirely!

I can't describe the packaging as much more than classic MAC. The black bullet with silver MAC print, and the silver tube on the inside. Easy to pick out of an entire pile of other lip products.

The smell of the lipstick is to die for. A gentle, sweet vanilla. Not overwhelming, and I find it to be pleasant. 

The lipstick was everything I was hoping for; a beautiful royal blue, with a semi-matte finish. I would say a complete matte finish, but it does pick out a bit of the light while I'm wearing it. It has an odd effect of completely washing me out, which I don't find to be a negative thing entirely. If I want it to be balanced, I put extra effort in my eye makeup. Otherwise if I keep it relatively neutral, all of the focus is on my mouth.

It takes a few passes to get an even application, and it needs some care in order to get a steady look to the lips. I don't have a lip liner to match this, but I really should, because this can get really messy, really quick.

This isn't a lipstick I'd recommend to people who are just getting into lipsticks (even though it's an incredibly fun color!) because of how much effort I feel it needs to wear it.

The lipsticks retail for $16, but with tax and everything I round it $17 a piece with free shipping! A bit steeper than a drugstore lipstick, but so far I find it to be worth the price. It makes me want to buy more, but at the moment I can't really justify spending so much on lipsticks that I may have in my collection already. In the future, I will be buying more for my collection, just not at the moment.

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