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Target Beauty Box Summer 2015

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I thought I'd give myself a treat and try one of the Target Beauty Boxes. Every so often, Target offers a box of goodies for pretty darn cheap (with free shipping! all you have to do is pay for tax and the price of the box) that always ends up being a good deal. Sometimes you get full-size products too!

The products came packaged in this glossy black box. The box for Summer 2015 was $7, and it was a $40 value.

Inside is a message card, and on the back is a list of all of the products that the box contains, with little instructions on how to use them. Many of them are sort of self-explanatory, but for someone who hasn't used any of these products (or anything like them before) this can definitely be useful, because sometimes labels on packaging can be plain confusing!

Inside of the box there was a package of Cutex Advanced Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads, a Revlon HD Lipstick, Olay Regenerist Luminous HydraSwirl Eye Cream, and Fekkai Blowout Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo. Not pictured is a Sinful Color nail polish, that was supposed to be included in the box, but wasn't included in mine. I considered sending them an email, but it wasn't worth the hassle to me. Chances are, either I had the shade they would have sent me (I buy all of the ones that I like!) or I would have gotten a shade I wasn't going to use.

Cutex Advanced Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads ($4 for 10):

This is a descent trial size for this product, to be honest. It's not a full-size, no, but there is enough in here to remove three manicures, since there are three pads.

Each of the pads comes individually wrapped, making them great for travel. At first, I thought it was a little ridiculous, but I thought if someone where to go on a trip for longer than a week, and wanted to refresh their manicure, then they could remove it and start fresh, without having to take a bottle of nail polish remover and some cotton (or felt!).

I felt these removed my nail polish really well, with a bit of effort. I wouldn't recommend these for removing glitter polish, but for other sorts I can see how these would work for a quick fix.

These just aren't something I need to repurchase, because if I'm going on a trip I don't much care how my nails look, but if you're into having crisp looking nails, try these.

Fekkai Blowout Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo ($10 for 1.7 oz., $19 for 4.9 oz.):

I was really excited to give this a try, because ages ago I tried their Smoothing Cream, and I loved it so much (even though I didn't know how to use it then, and I always had greasy hair). Dry shampoos are a product I'm always looking to try out, because I have an oily scalp that I wash every other day, and sometimes between washes it looks a bit more oily than usual (especially around the fringe area). 

This sample size is a great amount to really get a feel for if you like it or not, and I am in love! It applies easily, smells nice, and it gathers up that excess oil in my hair and leaves it soft, bouncy, and clean-looking. It is a great refresher, and I found that it lasted for most of the day (about eight hours), allowing me to go about my day without any hazard of my hair looking gross.

I noticed a bit of product buildup, common with dry shampoos, but it was easily washed out with a clarifying shampoo, that I use once a week.

The price is a little steep for a dry shampoo, but it works really well, and the scent of it is not overwhelming, making this a good option. If you're looking to splurge a little, this is a product to get, and I can see myself repurchasing this in the future.

Olay Regenerist Luminous HydraSwirl Eye Cream ($24 for .5 oz.):

Something that I'm new to in the past year is eye creams. I always thought that just a simple moisturizer is just as good for your eyes as a moisturizer meant for your eyes... well I was wrong. Your eye area is thinner skinned than the rest of your face, as well as being incredibly sensitive. Having a product meant for the eye area, is always a good idea. 

The product comes in a clear plastic container, where you can see the product inside as a mixed swirl, a clear gel, and a more opaque cream. The product is released from a pump, which I'm always pleased about in products, especially skin care, as I find ti to be a hygienic option (although sometimes wasteful!).

Something else I was interested in, is that this product claims it will diminish the look of dark circles. As someone with darkness around my eyes (mostly because of my crappy sleep patterns, as well as stress and anxiety making them look even worse) I was really intrigued by this claim. Something to make them look better? Could it be true?

The HydraSwirl cream comes out... looking admittedly a little gross. Parts of it are clear, and the rest looks a bit like puss from a zit... It's a little unappealing, but I rub the product in and it doesn't make a difference how it looked before. 

A single pump, gives you too much product to comfortably use. I found half a pump to be ideal, as it gives an even coat to the eye area, without over-saturating the skin.

I did notice a couple of things; One, is that it made my eye area feel comfortable and hydrated, which is a great effect to have. Like the rest of the skin, it likes to be hydrated, and having this eye cream, is a gentle way to deliver hydration for that delicate area. Two, is that it did alter the appearance of my dark circles, making them a bit less noticeable. Nothing drastic, but I could tell a difference, and it was easier to hide with concealer. Less dark appearance, and less makeup caked on my face? Win!

$24 for an eye cream seems crazy to me, but if it keeps working like it has, I will probably bite the bullet and repurchase anyway, even if it's pretty expensive (to me!).

Revlon HD Lipstick - HD Gladiolus ($8):

The Revlon HD lipstick comes in a clear plastic cap, with a silver bullet. The packaging, is similar to the Revlon Lip Butters, but clear instead of colored. The lipstick is cut at an angle in a blunt fashion, and the opening is rather large.

The shade I received was Gladiolus. It was a warm-toned red. The shade range I saw on the insert it came with, to be mostly colors like pinks, with reds, and not as many neutrals, which I found was weird, but I didn't really question it.

The color was hard to work with. I cant' wear this without a lip liner, because the first time I applied, I thought it would be easy, because the large opening makes it easy to apply a lot of color quickly, but it's not so easy to make sharp edges, like at the corners of the mouth or around the cupid's bow.

The formula of this lipstick, is really smooth, and buttery, which is it's downfall. For a neutral shade, no big deal. For a bold color like this? It's too much. It slides around during the day, and only lasts for about two hours before I feel the need to remove, and then reapply. It's comfortable to wear, that's for sure, as it feels hydrating, but I wish it wore better. I cannot deal with the way that it practically slides off my lips without me knowing at all, so because of this, I won't be buying any of the others. I'm not so impressed with the formula, and the shade range isn't that appealing to me either.

Not pictured: Sinful Colors Nail Polish ($2). 

So far, I've always found these boxes to be worth it, even if you know you'll just love one item, the others are fun to try! You might just find a new favorite, or get to try an item you might not have splurged on yourself before (like the eye cream for me!). Keep an eye out if you might even be remotely interested, you might just be surprised.

Thanks for reading!

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