Friday, November 15, 2013

Holiday 2013 - Profusion Palettes

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Anyway, this Holiday season Profusion has been busy putting out a bunch of palettes, and a certain set caught my eye. Each  of these palettes, is ONE DOLLAR. Yes, you read it right, one dollar for five shades. Now, are they worth it? Hm, I wasn't sure. Now I have these swatches for you, so I hope you enjoy them!

They're all shimmers, and they are all wonderful shadows.

Each of these palettes has a numbered name, 01-04.


The 01 palette is full of violets. You get a nice frosty white, a grey-toned lilac, a red violet, a blue violet, and a black, all of them shimmery. This palette is so wonderful, and you get so many uses out of it! I was impressed with the pigmentation, and that black is to die for!


Palette 02 is the neutral palette, a must-have if you ask me. You get a nice champagne, a warm sand colour, a tan shimmer, a greenish-brown shimmer, and a deep brown shimmer. I kept getting blown away with these shadows.


This palette isn't as versatile, but yet it's the first one I bought, for one main reason, which I will get to in just a moment. You get a warm tan, a nice brown, a lime green, a forest green, and oh yes, a navy blue! The navy blue is more than I could have ever hoped for, and it's absolutely perfect!


Palette 04 is the least workable out of all of them, mostly because of how bright they are! If you love bright colours, then you need this in your life, but I'm a huge fan of darker colours and neutrals. 

You get a bright yellow, a pink, a light mint, a beautiful periwinkle, and a steal-your-breath-away cobalt blue. The colours are not disappointing in the slightest, and if you want attention, you're sure to get it with these!

These palettes have raised my standards on cheap drugstore products, I mean honestly, they're only a buck! 01, and 02 are must-haves, truly they are. They're so versitaile! I've already purchased backups, and I won't be looking back!

Thanks for reading!

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