Friday, November 15, 2013

Shiny Precision Liquid Eyeshadow

Hello again readers!

Just a quick review of these cute little eyeshadows I got from the Dollar Tree a few days back. They're the Shiny Precision Liquid Eyeshadows.

They come in twelve colours, but there was only five of those colours available when I went: black, green, pink, brass, and copper.

Moving right along....

I picked up the brass and the copper colours, and I have to say, the packaging is adorable! The plastic cap is painted silver with cute little flowers and hearts on it. It's one of the reasons these caught my eye. Now, the packaging is only the outside, and truly, it's what is on the inside that counts...

They applied okay, the copper went on fantastic with one swatch, but the brass needed two swipes, and you can see all the product that got nudged off to the sides... 

And the colours smelled. I can't really put my finger on it, but they didn't smell that great.

Then I waited for them to dry....

And waitied....

And waited...

It took forever, and they still weren't setting. Or maybe they did, and they just get moved too easily.
This is after five minutes, when I went to rub them:

They didn't stand a chance at all! Maybe I was using them wrong? I went online, where I saw pictures where they'd blend the product out, so I reapplied, and tried that method:

The colours didn't really show up at all! They might on my skin, but I'm very pale so that won't help you if you have a tan, or a darker complexion.  I wasn't impressed at all!

I let them sit for a while, and rubbed them again, and the colour STILL came off. It wasn't the fact that I needed to blend them out, they're just a nightmare to work with! They rub all over the place, the glitter gets everywhere, it's like working with oil on your skin. It just wont' last.

When I went to remove them, they didn't put up an ounce of a fight. They came right off with a single swipe of my makeup remover wipe.

-Cute packaging
-Really cheap

-terrible formula
-terrible pigmentation
-terrible performance
-terrible everything

Overall: 1/5
All in all... I hated these! The packaging is cute, but that's all it has going for them. I don't think they set, they rub off, and they don't stay!

Thanks for reading!

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