Monday, November 11, 2013

Sephora X - Wham!

Hello again readers!

Sephora recently relaunched their Sephora X polishes with a HUGE range of colours, toppers, and choices! It was overwhelming walking into Sephora to see all of the bottles of new polish just begging to be bought. I was really excited to walk in and swatch a few of them, and I settled on one that I just had to buy and do a mani with. The price is steeper than I'm used to, but with this experience... well, I'll let the review speak for itself.


The bottle is really unique. With square bottles, a huge problem that occurs is that it doesn't line up after you open it... I had a problem getting it open! I was really happy to see that the 'cap', houses the real one underneath! Really unique, it keeps the shape of the bottle, untarnished and keeps the users in mind.

The circular cap underneath isn't anything revolutionary, but it holds comfortably in your hand to make application easy for you.

 Wham! is an all white glitter. Hex glitter, circle glitter, bar glitter, it's just fantastic. Easy to see why I chose this one, huh?

I was definitely impressed with this polish. I didn't have problems with the glitter being dragged all over, and I didn't have to go in and dab the glitter on. The polish wasn't thick, it was easy to apply, and the result was phenomenal. I used one coat of Wham! over China Glaze - Crimson.

I loved this so much, I'm already thinking of getting some of the other ones. Eyeing Blast Off something fierce.

The Sephora X polishes range $10.50-12.50. 

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