Friday, November 1, 2013

Spooky Shopping Part 2

Hello again readers!

I went shopping again, for after Halloween goodies. It's the best, I can get things for 50+% off. It's fantastic! I went out, and got some really good finds.


I got a new pillow, two hand towels, a web rug, maroon lace tights, and a new pair of spiderweb tights.

A new flask. I missed out last year, but the design for this year is even better! The middle is a plastic container with little mixing sticks for drinks, and finally another mixer. I love them all so much.

And finally from Target, this Captain America beanie! I found them when I was with Michaela a while ago, and it was the last one! It fits so well, and it's so warm too...


I was really disappointed how little there was for Halloween... It was already all replaced with Christmas decorations. A little early, don't you think?

I got the ribbon I've been wanting, a box of orange lights for my room, and a new Hello Kitty tin for q-tips for my bag. It comes with candy, but I don't like cherry flavoured things.


I picked up a journal/calendar, and a new memo pad for quick notes. The journal/calendar is really weird, it doesn't have things numbered, so I'm going to have to figure out a proper way to organize it.

And while there, I found this year's skull! I named him Chandler, and he is definitely the flashiest out of the three of the skulls I own.


My dad actually picked all of this up for me, with a quick run to Walmart to pick up another cup and the concealer.

New cups! I got a skull one last year, and we put it in the dishwasher... They aren't dishwasher safe, and my cup warped. :( Now I have two new ones, and two other ones. The poison cup is fantastic, and glows in the dark, but I have to colour one of the shapes in, because the spider has a lot of details to it....
And I was able to get the Maybelline Fit Me concealer for a good price, since I had a coupon.

And he bought me these wicked awesome sleep pants! I love the patterns for all of them, but the monochromatic orange ones are my absolute favourites. the pattern is awesome, and creepy in all of the right ways.

And when I got all settled at home, mum and dad gave me this wallet:

It's perfect! It's just like my 'batman' wallet, but with really creepy skulls. I'm using another wallet now, but I'll have to trade them out after the semester is over.

Thanks for reading!

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