Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday Throwback - Wet n Wild Pop Art - A Regular at the Factory, To Muse and Carouse, Three's a Party, Teal Slowly and See, and Listening to Blue Reed

Hello again readers!

I'm starting a new segment, to accomodate the photos that were lost in folder-land on my computer:  Throwback Thursday! On some Thursdays, I'll be having posts about products that aren't available in stores anymore. You can still find them if you look for them, but the
 collections are gone.

In a way, I feel bad, but on the other it's a shame if these pictures never see the light of day.

A few months ago, Wet n Wild launched the Pop Art collection, which had some WILD colours. I was really impressed with the selection, and I ended up picking up the ones that I loved.

A Regular at the Factory 

I picked up this palette, because of the orange. That's it. I love the colours, and they go well together too. The yellow in this palette was a let down. It's not as pigmented as I was hoping, and it falls a little flat for me. The blue is gorgeous, and really compliments the orange. The orange shade, is the shining star. Pigmented, and it blends well.

To Muse and Carouse

Compared to the others, I personally think this palette was an odd duck. Two neutrals, and then a pop of blue! A little safe if you ask me, but I love the colours. You get a warm tan, a beautiful brown (it's a lot like nutty!), and a gorgeous pale blue. Love the colours together, and this palette adds just a nice little extra to a usual neutral look.

Three's a Party 

My holy grail from this entire collection, and my must have palette. Still kicking myself I didn't get a back up... In this palette, you get a nice frosty white, an absolutely gorgeous red, and a surprising pigmented black. With Wet n Wild, sometimes you get a black shade that's just not pigmented enough, no matter how much you work with it.

Can we talk about the red? I'm going to talk about the red eyeshadow. Red eyeshadow (in my opinion) is underrated! They make your eyes pop, and they add that edge to any look that just looks wonderful. It's suprisingly hard to find a good red eyeshadow, especially on the cheaper price ranges. This palette I immediately opened after buying, just to see how pigmented the red was, and I thought I had died and gone to red eyeshadow heaven! When I run out of this shade, I might weep actual tears, it's absolutely gorgeous and perfect for me.

Teal Slowly and See

Teal Slowly and See is a bright teal creme, barely a teal shade at all, it's more of a bright, light blue. It's definitely an eye-catcher, that's for sure. The formula was okay. It's really easy to apply too much, and it's a little runny. With patience, this applies right, and you only need two coats. 

Listening to Blue Reed

This polish I felt an obligation to buy, because it was blue. I have a bit of a problem. Listening to Blue Reed is a bright blue creme. This formula was so opaque, that it was almost a one-coater! It just needed one extra coat to even out the colour. I was impressed with this one.

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