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Disney Dare to Dream Collection at Walgreens

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This week is a little special, since I'm showing three posts this week! I didn't want to wait too long before posting this one!

I wanted to show some of the Disney Dare to Dream Collection shown at Walgreens. There were three Collections, all revolving around three well-known ladies; Mulan, Ariel, and Pocahontas. They've been circulating around recently, and now they're on clearance! So if any of these swatches appeal to you, now is your time to go out and get them before they're gone!

I did not get anything from the Mulan collection for different reasons. I wouldn't use the book, the eyeliners were sorts that I already had, and I am not a fan of shimmery lip gloss. So there are no products from that collection in this review.

Ariel Collection - Sea Darling

This one of the quads available from the Ariel collection. In my opinion, it is the least special.

The palette includes a cool-toned silver, a periwinkle blue, a turquoise, and a black. All of the shadows are decently pigmented, aside from the black. The issue with these is that they need a  primer or a base to really shine. If you use them by themselves, they will be swept away. Not the most high-quality shadows.

When I see this quad, I don't see anything to really fawn over. The shadows aren't anything unique, and aside from an affordable price of $3, I don't find this palette worth it.

Ariel Collection - Sea Witch 

This palette has a little bit more to offer. It's inspired off the Sea Witch herself - Ursula, and it's very easy to tell. With the lavender tinted white, the light violet, and the deep blackened blue, it rings true to her color palette. The wildcard, is the orange. I would have preferred another blue, or a red, or even a grey for this palette, but it oddly works. It's a little something extra, and having a nice orange shade in the palette keeps it from being too expected.

The shadow quality is the same as Sea Darling. They work best over a base or a primer. The best part about this one, is I find these four shadows easier to work with. The palette is different, and is unique, and definitely something I'd recommend picking up.

Ariel Collection - Beauty Book

In the Ariel beauty book, the colors are bright, fun, and very fitting for her personality, being 16 and all. They are really captivating, and easily swayed into your cart, to be honest.

Treasures: Matte cream.
Pigmented and soft to the touch.

Snarfblatt: A warm brown sheen with shimmer.
Pimened, and soft to the touch. I wasn't wild about the glitter.

 Whozits: A deep matte teal with sparse glitter.
The reason I bought this palette, to be honest. It felt harder, and crumbly, and it was hard to get it opaque. The pigmentation wasn't amazing, and I was left feeling disappointed.

Gadgets: Light pink shimmer.
Pigmented and soft to the touch. Very brightening on the eyelid.

Thingamabobs: Warm violet with shimmer.
Something unexpected, but I really enjoyed this shadow. 

Whatzits: Indigo.
Similar to Whozits, this shade felt harder to the touch, and crumbly. Another disappointment, because I loved how this shade looked in the pan too.

Gizmos: Turquoise matte.
Pigmented, and very soft to the touch. I have other shades like this one, but I can't ever resist a good turquoise or aqua.

Dinglehopper: Light blue sheen.
A soft blue. Pigmented, and soft to the touch. Nothing groundbreaking, but a little something different.

Oceanid: Cerulean blue.
This had a similar issue as the other bottom shades: a little harder, and a little crumbly. I'm not sure if it was just the palette that I had, or what, but I was disappointed.

Shell Spell: Bright pink.
Soft, and blends out easily. Something really fresh and bright.

Coral Fixation: Fuchsia pink.
This blush pissed me off, really. When I think 'Coral', I think of a warm, orange-toned pink. Not fuchsia. I wouldn't wear it anyway, but the name makes me want to grind my teeth. Just a peeve.

What's a fire:
Fuchsia pink with glitter.

The lipstick is a lipstick that I knew I wasn't going to wear for the color, and it ended up being pretty awful in formula. It goes on creamy - at first. But then it unearths glitter. Glitter, in the lipstick. It doesn't add anything extra when it's on the lips, but it's not something I was over the moon about either. The color isn't unique, and the glitter makes it unwearable for me since it sits uncomfortably on the lips.

**Jetsam Black is the same as New World Smolder. Review of the pencil down below!

Overall, from the Ariel collection, I can fully only recommend Sea Witch. The others I would just pass up.

Pocahontas Collection - Great Spirit

Great Spirit is a beautiful, neutral champagne highlight. I was really impressed with how intense it can get, with just a few swipes.

I've tried it both under a translucent powder, and under another powder highlighter, and I like both ways. Under another highlighter, it gets even more intense and not for the faint of heart, but under a translucent powder it sort of dulls the shine and allows it to be a little more natural. Even with oily skin, this lasted all day for me, even with sweating, and I was surprised when I went to remove my makeup at the end of the day and it was still in tact!

With three shades to choose from, I'm sure there's going to be a shade that everyone will love, and I'm really in love with this product.

Pocahontas Collection - Spinning Arrow

In the $3 set, it comes with a large bronzer, and a brush.

The brush, is useless. It has hard plastic bristles and feels scratchy on the skin, and doesn't blend the product out nicely at all.

The bronzer however, is a gem. It's large, and a beautiful matte warm brown. usually I'm not wild about warm bronzers, but I really like this one. Once it's on my face, I enjoy how it looks, and it blends in beautifully on the skin. I was expecting to hate it, and fell in love with it instead.

Plus, it's HUGE! It's bigger than my palm, and will last quite a while.

Pocahontas Collection - Beauty Book

This palette is very warm, and makes me think of Fall every time I open it. I love how the colors all go together, even if they're not all in the same color families, and out of all three, I feel this is the most cohesive palette of the bunch. Very fitting for Disney's Pocahontas.

Dreamcatcher: A light periwinkle blue matte.
Really a nice light blue. Soft to the touch, and pigmented. A little too soft, as it creates fallout.

Ripples: A matte blue-teal shade with sparse glitter.
This is the softest shade in the palette, and creates a lot of fallout. It stains the skin a bit too, so that's something to watch out for.

Riverbend: A bright teal shimmer.
Pigmented, and smooth to the touch. This goes on almost effortlessly, and I don't find myself struggling to make it work.

Wingapo: A gorgeous peach shimmer.
I thought it was almost a peach-gold, but the shimmer isn't warm enough to be gold. It reflects the light beautifully, and catches my eye every time I open the palette.

Warrior: A nice burnt red sheen.
Like drying blood, this shade is fierce. I fell in love with it at first sight, and I enjoy working with it, because the outcome is definitely worth it. I don't have anything else like it in my collection, and I can't get enough of it. It's a little harder to work with, the pigmentation is a bit patchy, and it is not as smooth as some of the others, but I love it enough to overlook it's flaws.

Headstrong: A warm, burnt red-orange sheen.
Nice orange shades are a little hard to come by at the drugstore (though not impossible) this is a shade that is absolutely gorgeous, and I couldn't pass up. It's also a little patchy, but smoother than warrior.

Heroine: Neutral Brown.
Not quite a matte, but not a shimmer either. This looks really great in the crease, as well as the lid. Very soft, and pigmented.

Sycamore: Deep, blackened brown with gold glitter.
A really unique shade that I really enjoy. I've used it in my crease, I've used it to darken up the outter V. I love it! The glitter isn't always super visible, but I can't resist this shade even then. It's a little harder, not quite as smooth, and not extremely pigmented either.

Willow: A warm copper with sparse glitter.
Can't ever escape the coppers, but this works with this palette. It's pigmented, and smooth, and the glitter isn't a hassle.

Sun Sweet Berry: Natural pink with gold shimmer.
I really love this shade, and it has really solidified my love for more neutral/natural pink blushers, instead of bright pink, or shades like that. It looks really good on the cheeks, and warms up my face without being too overwhelming. Pigmented and soft, it creates a soft, but healthy look to my cheeks.

Voices of the Mountain: Similar to Spinning Arrow, where it's a warm brown bronzer, but it's lighter.
I love this too, and paired with Sun Sweet Berry gives a really healthy appearance to my skin, and warms it up a little (god knows I never go out in the sun much). A little goes a long way, so be sure not to use too much.

New World Smolder (**Jetsam Black): Basic black eyeliner.
In every beauty book I have ever bought, I have never been impressed with the included pencil eyeliner. It's not very pigmented, and it is easily wiped away. It doesn't stand a snowball's chance in Hell on my oily eyelids.

Always Be With You: A frosty pink gloss.
This is the wildcard for this palette. Now, I personally feel that a neutral nude gloss with no shimmer,  would have looked better with this palette. It's just too strange and different compared to how the rest of the palette feels. Even a darker color, like the color of her lips would have been a better choice. This will not look good on many people, and is just a typical gloss. The formula doesn't make up for the poor color choice.


Overall, in my opinion, I love this collection the most. I see myself wearing this collection far more than all of the others combined, and it has taken my heart many times over. If you were ever interested in any of the Pocahontas collection, don't hesitate to pick any of them up! They're great products and worth the price!

Thanks for reading!

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