Friday, August 14, 2015

The Balm Shady Lady Eyeshadow Singles

Hello readers!

I picked these shadows up quite a while ago, and for the life of me, I can't even remember where! All I can remember, is that they were $5 a piece during a sale. Everyone has seen hits with The Balm, such as the lou-manizers, or the nude palettes, and I wanted to try a couple of their products out when I got the chance. Suffice to say, I wasn't blown away with either of them since they haven't had a post dedicated to them since I bought them.

Each one comes packaged in a sleeve. The cover of each of the eyeshadows is the exact same tacky cheetah print. I really despise animal print anything, and this is no exception. The print is a white cursive reading 'Shady Lady' with 'the Balm' listed underneath, next to a silhouette of a nude woman. It's no surprise that The Balm often uses nude women as their marketing, and I still hate it. 

Each of the eyeshadows contains .12 oz of product, which is a good amount for a single eyeshadow. The packaging is a cardboard, with a magnet enclosure, and a small mirror for each shadow. Not necessary, but a nice touch.

The two shadows I picked, were Curvy Cami and Sexy Stacey.

Curvy Cami:
Red violet with shimmer. I think this one is a very warm, dusty violet and it just looks really beautiful in the pan, and on the skin.

Sexy Stacey:
A pewter shimmer. Nothing too unique, and out of the two, this one caused the most fallout.


The shadows themselves weren't terrible. They were pigmented, and felt smooth to the touch. They had their fair share of fallout, and I felt compelled to do my eyeshadow first, when I usually do it last.

Do I think that they're worth the regular $16 price tag? Probably not. Aside from Curvy Cami which I really enjoyed, I wasn't drawn to any of the other shades. The packaging kills whatever desires I would have, because I just find it to be ugly, unappealing, and tacky; like something made for a small child instead of an adult, or a teenager. It doesn't help that I wasn't blown away with the shadows themselves either.

I personally would skip out on future Shady Lady purchases, even though there are quite a few products (like the lou-manizers, the Instain blushes, etc.) that I have on my makeup wishlist.

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