Monday, August 31, 2015

Regrets #1: Hair, Skincare, and Tools.

Hello again readers!

I thought this would be fun to do, since for the longest time I had a Sephora bag being filled with products that just didn't seem to work out. Either they didn't work for me, reacted badly, or just plain sucked! Like my empties, once the bag got too full, it was time to empty it out!

Batiste Dry Shampoo - A Hint of Color for Light or Blonde Hair:
I thought this would be a good dry shampoo to try, since I have blonde hair. I was horribly wrong. It has a yellow tint to the spray, which I thought was going to be a good thing, but it got all over my clothes, and all over the place. I found a layer of yellow paricles on my shoulders and on my tv stand where I do my makeup, and I was horrified. 

On top of the color issue, it didn't do much else. It didn't make my hair look any cleaner, instead it made it look dirtier - adding a buildup of product to my hair and making it feel gross. It also made my head incredibly itchy, so I would be scratching out my scalp until I took a shower.

AcneFree Oil-Free Acne Cleanser:
I used up quite a few of these really, only to find out that it was the reason my skin had a terrible reaction. Benzoyl Peroxide is NOT a friend to my skin. It dried it out, and though it helped with the acne, it made my skin break out in little irritated bumps due to the chemicals. Not a happy camper, and just vowed never to buy them again.

Not Your Mothers Beat the Heat Thermal Shield Spray:
This product admittedly worked rather well. It created a nice barrier between the strands of my hair, and the heat of my straitening iron, and it left my hair feeling soft instead of dried out. The downside si that this product legitimately smells like I doused myself in a fruity daquiri beverage. Smelling the product it smells like fruity alcohol, which I thought would go away with time, or after use. It didn't. 

I really noticed it being a problem, when I went to my Senior Seminar class, and kept smelling alcohol, and only realizing after asking some of my classmates, that it was me. Not a good idea to be smelling like you had one too many drinks at happy hour, when you're in an academic or professional setting.

SkinNutritions Youth Perfecting Intensive Moisturizer:
This product is part of a 3-step process; all available at the Dollar Tree. Now, I was really excited, because I thought this would be a good moisturizer for me, and was quickly shot down. I have oily skin, so I don't need too much help with having moisture on my face, but it's always a good idea to moisturize the skin anyway. I applied it to my face after cleansing, and toning (the first two steps) and I was left feeling greasy. The moisturizer is thick, and emollient, and it never seemed to absorb into my skin, even though I only used a tiny amount. The next morning, I still felt like I had the moisturizer on my face, and had to wash my face twice. It did not do me any favors. If you have oily skin, I would skip this moisturizer.

Acnefree Terminator:
This product is supposed to be a great spot treatment for problematic skin. It has the same effect as the cleanser, and left my skin with more problems than I started with. I don't get too many breakouts, just around my nose, with the occasional skin monster elsewhere. I'd much rather have giant spots on my chin, than small, irritated red bumps all over my face. The trade-off is not worth it.

Rue 21 Carbon Elements Cologne:
In the store, I really enjoyed this, and I quickly purchased it during one of their sales. I wore it a few times, and quickly ended up hating it. It did not work with my body chemistry at all, and smells like body odor when I wear it. It was gag-worthy! Even smelling it in the bottle left me feeling nauseous, instead of elated like it did before.

Elf Smudge Brush:
I never got a true chance to use it, until I started experimenting with adding shadow my lower lashes. It is TERRIBLE for smudging. The bristles are scratchy, and they don't blend out liner, or even simple shadow. The look is un-blended and unattractive.

Target Up and Up Crease Brush:
When I started reaching out for new brushes, this seemed like a good place to start. The bristles are soft, and moved around easily, so putting on shadows should have been a dream. Instead, I got a nightmare. It did blend out shadows really well, which was a good thing indeed, but it had the adverse effect where it would pick up shadow from my eyelid, and flick it towards my nose, or my cheekbones. No matter what I did, it continued to ruin even the simplest of makeup looks. This brush was too much of a hassle to keep.

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