Friday, August 21, 2015

Italia 6 Colors NEON Liquid Pencil n Eyeliners Duo Waterproof Eye Liners

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I found these really interesting eyeliners on Amazon, the Italia 6 Colors NEON Liquid Pencil n Eyeliners Duo Waterproof Eye Liners. The set of 6, will set you back $11.77, with free shipping. I thought it was worth it, since each duo is a little less than two dollars a piece, and even if they were really bad I'd enjoy trying out some more wild colors.

The packaging is rather bulky. It has a long, wand with a short, fat round chamber, that holds the liner. I'm not sure if I'd prefer it a different way or not, but storing these liners can be a hassle. The good news, is that they do indeed stand up on their own, so they can be left standing on a vanity or in your makeup area.

The liquid liner applicator is a standard brush applicator, with a fine tip. I found this to be ideal for liquid liner application, allowing me to get fine tips to my wing eyeliner looks, and also to get fine lines.

The pencil liners are inside the wands, you pull them out of the ends. They're not as good as the liquids, and I found them to be a little dry and needing more work. These are great for tight-lining the eyes, and use on the waterlines.

In the set, you get six bright colors; a neon violet, a neon cool-toned pink, a neon pink, a neon orange, a neon green (chartruse), and a neon blue.

The liquid liners are all very pigmented, and were all applied with one swipe. The violet does need two coats to have an even coverage, however.

The only shades that leave a stain, are the neon violet and the neon green. It's not the most attractive look, and if you're someone who doesn't like staining, these will not be something you will enjoy, because even with a use of a primer, it doesn't help. I don't mind it too much, because eitiher the next day I'm staying at home, or I'll use another liner, but this is something to make note of before purchase.

Now the big question; are they waterproof? Yes! I found the liquid to be waterproof, and last all day. The only issue I had with them, is they feel a little thick sometimes if I use too much, and if I rub at them, they crumble off. I wore the blue one when I went to STL Pride, and it lasted ALL day even in the heat! The pencil liners don't have the same staying power however, so setting them with a similar color powder or touching them up through the day is ideal.

So I say these are definitely worth the price, and they're definitely worth looking into!

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