Monday, August 10, 2015

Rue 21 - Rue Beaute Electric Eye Palette

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So I'm very excited for this post, it's a look into an Urban Decay dupe. It's not a secret that I really love makeup dupes. I like that drugstore brands offer cheaper alternatives to mid-range and high-end makeup products, so almost anyone can afford to indulge in makeup. Especially if it's something like this, that isn't a necessity for everyone.

The Rue Beaute (Rue 21) Electric Eye Palette is cased in a black plastic. It's not too thin, and it's not too thick. It's a nice mid-way feel, with a bit of weight to it. The biggest issue I have, is that this packaging is just so bulky. It's unnecessarily large. It can make storage a hassle, and with all of that excess room on the inside, it might be advised not to drop it, I can see these shadows shattering.

The palette includes 12 shadows, whereas the UD palette only offers 10! So the additional violet shades, the light lavender and the mid-violet are extra. Seems almost too good to be true, doesn't it?

Inside, not only is there the 12 shadows, but it also has a mirror that is the size of half of the palette. I found this to be an amazing addition to a drugstore-priced palette, making it easy to apply the eyeshadows with ease, much better than having a small mirror, or no mirror at all. I'm always a sucker for big mirrors. 

Also included is an eyeshadow brush, that I tried out, and wasn't impressed with. I find it to be too flimsy to pick up enough product, and then if I tried using it to blend shadows out, it would kick the product up all over my face and onto the bridge of my nose. More hassle than it's worth, and the quality is lacking. Not that it's a deal-breaker.

Direct Sunlight
In the top row, there's;

1:silver shimmer with silver glitter
2: Turquoise Satin
3: Red-Orange Satin
4: Fuchsia Matte
5: Metallic Teal
6: Lavender-Silver Shimmer with glitter

Edited to show color variation
Direct Sunlight
In the bottom row, there's;

7: Cobalt Blue Matte
8: Fuschia shimmer 
9: Violet Shimmer
10: Light Green with Gold Shimmer
11: Chartreuse Shimmer
12: Violet Shimmer

Edited to show color variation

The shadows are descent quality, not as high-quality as the Urban Decay, but I found them to be usable. They are soft, and cause a lot of fallout (and therefore get used up faster), so that is something to take into account, if you think you're going to be using the palette quite often. They're pigment, some more than others, and I found the mattes to be a little harder to work with, because I had to layer them over a primer to get them to give the vibrant look that they have in the pan.

I think that having so many violets was a mistake. I wish there was more of a variety really. The additional two shadows just doesn't work for me (even though I really do like the lavender-silver shimmer shade!). 1/3 of the palette contains violet shades, so if you're not a fan of violet, this is something that may not interest you.

At $7, I really enjoy it, and I found myself gravitating towards this, over the $50 price tag for the Urban Decay palette. Is it a perfect dupe? No, Google will show that it's close, but not the same in color (for some) and pigmentation.

Really, this one is your call. If you're like me, and you are not someone that likes such wild shades, then I would suggest this palette. It's friendly on the wallet, and you can get the same (or similar enough) looks for a cheaper price.

If you're a makeup artist, or you're someone that loves wild shades such as these, then I suggest the Urban Decay palette, because the quality of the shadows is better, and it will be better in the long run.

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